Jetpack Lumberjack

It’s been a long day at work and our friendly neighborhood lumberjack, Stumpy Alder, is worn out.

He’s tried to fly home by himself but he is just so tired that that he needs your help to get home safely.

But be careful – you have to fly between the logs and if you run into one you will have to start over.

The further you go, the more challenging it gets, and you can win progress badges at 25, 50, 99, 200 and 500 logs.

If you want to, you can compete with other players via the Leaderboard.

Are you able to help Stumpy Alder move to the top of the Leaderboard? With beautiful graphics and a super simple interface (just  tap anywhere on the screen to get a jetpack burst) you can play for a minute or an hour.


Play the demo!

Click PLAY on the game screen to start the game
then click every time you need a boost from the jetpack.

This demo automatically stops at the tenth log.
To play more, download the free version!

Apple Download Android Download