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jetpack lumberjack
get home safely

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fall and tumble
as you tap your way to the top of the Leaderboard!

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Don't fall!

Make your way through the logs without crashing

Watch out for logs!

Hitting a log will send you back to the start!

Top the Leaderboard!

Race to the finish and top your score each time!

How To Play

  • Start the Journey!

    The adventure begins! Send Jetpack Lumberjack soaring through the air as he speeds home after a hard day's work.

  • Keep Flying!

    Maintain your height as the obstacles approach - don't let him fall! The race is on and he must move quickly to make it past all…

  • Logs Ahead!

    Keep Jetpack Lumberjack safe as you guide him through the logs. Watch out! If you hit a log you will have to start all over!

  • Top the Leaderboard!

    Challenge your friends to see who will top the scoring ranks! See who can guide Jetpack Lumberjack all the way home!


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